Agile Business Process Improvement

Transforming Processes with Agile Precision

LSA’s Agile Business Process Improvement (ABPI) service defines, prioritizes, documents, analyzes, and optimizes business processes, focusing on delivering key outcomes for digital transformation and sustaining value beyond the initial effort.

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Our Approach and Outcomes

Digital Transformation Outcomes

Agile BPI and business architecture blueprint, accelerate, and prioritize key Digital Transformation outcomes using a Model-Based Solution Engineering (MBSE) approach.

Sustain Business As Usual (BAU) Value

Our service adapts to changing conditions, consistently delivering value by prioritizing and improving processes beyond the initial Digital Transformation effort.

Delivery of Agile BPI Services

LSA delivers immediate Digital Transformation value outcomes by providing Agile BPI as a service (“we fish for you”) and setting up sustainable benefits (“we teach you how to fish”).

Our Capabilities and Solutions

  • Process Assessment & Advisory

    Our expert evaluations identify inefficiencies and opportunities for process improvement, providing strategic recommendations aligned with your business goals.

  • Training & Mentoring

    We offer comprehensive training and mentoring to equip your team with Agile BPI skills, fostering continuous learning and improvement.

  • Integrated Process Management

    Our services include process modeling, simulation, and optimization, ensuring cohesive and efficient business process management.

  • Digital Operating Model Implementation

    Implement a Model-Based Solution Engineering (MBSE) approach to connect strategic intent with day-to-day execution.

  • Automated Dashboards & Reporting

    Build real-time dashboards to provide visibility into process performance and outcomes, enhancing transparency and decision-making.

  • Continuous Process Improvement

    Establish a permanent Agile BPI “Center of Excellence” (COE) to ensure ongoing process optimization and sustained value delivery.

Learn how a Business Process Management program was started for utilities, police, fire, and general government using a mix of full-time, consulting, and intern labor. It was so successful and cost-effective that it expanded to the tri-county area, making CCC (Combined Call Center) 911 dispatch improvements.


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