Our Approach to Problem Solving

Faster Engineering Designs

We solved inconsistent delivery timelines by implementing agile transformations, significantly improving the speed and accuracy of architecture diagrams for the Air Force Research Lab.
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Low-Cost, Scalable Process Improvement

We boosted process efficiency by integrating interns and automation within municipal utilities, achieving significant cost savings and enhancing user experience across multiple agencies.
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Modernizing Legacy Systems

We transformed legacy systems by identifying modernization opportunities and crafting a detailed roadmap to enhance agility and reduce maintenance costs in finance and program management.
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The LSA Digital Formula

Our LSA Digital Formula is all about boosting your team's agility and making the most of lean, scalable tech investments for a smoother, safer user experience (UX). We're here to cut down the total costs, including those high maintenance and operations expenses. With us, you'll get reliable, long-lasting business and IT services that keep delivering value well after the initial digital push. Let's achieve your goals together, for the long haul.

Our Toolbox of Services

Agile Enterprise Architecture

Tactical alignment of technology and business for enhanced operational efficiency.
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Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Management

Scalable agility for highly responsive, adaptive, and effective organizational processes.
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Digital IT Service Management

Modern IT strategies for creating robust, secure, and fully forward-looking digital infrastructures.
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What Clients Say About Our Work

Latest Thoughts & News

The enterprise-level Digital Capabilities Directorate (DCD) at the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) needed a ServiceNow Managed Service Provider (MSP) service for cost-effective deployment of ServiceNow across Tech Directorates (TD’s). They needed to improve cross-directorate collaboration while providing high levels of autonomy and standardizing common ServiceNow instance data, to avoid “re-inventing the wheel” - read more to find out how LSA Digital helped them do it!