Capability Statement

About LSA Digital

LSA delivers integrated Digital Transformation services for more effective use of tech, for commercial and government customers.

To be sustainable beyond implementation, true Digital and AI Readiness needs more than just cloud, code and apps. LSA improves technology and helps people use the technology investments for faster, agile value delivery.

Key Services

Past Performance

  • Commercial Fortune 500 & mid-market (all industries)
  • Federal USAF Research Labs (AFRL), US Navy Finance Mgmt. & Policy, US Army
  • State Dept of Transportation
  • Local Municipal / Utilities

Key Partnerships

Toolkits, implementation accelerators, training & certified experts


  • AI Readiness solutions to optimize processes and prepare “the right” data for LLM training
  • Unique, proven Digital solution approach combining Agility-at-Scale, EA and UX ModelBased Solution development, delivering faster solutions with higher quality
  • Low-cost BPM COE experience leveraging a mix of full-time, consultants, and interns
  • Staff includes veterans with decades of experience in government contracting and commercial Fortune 500 consulting
  • Full-service, JCP/NIST compliant cloud EA & Agile/LPM tooling

Digital Service Highlights

  • Agility-at-Scale / Lean Portfolio Management assessment / improvement and full-service agile tooling – including install, config & support (e.g., Jira / Align).
  • Digital IT Service Management (ITSM) & Governance agility-principled Digital IT Operating Model, Federated ServiceNow architecture & governance design, and ITSM assessment & IT process design & tool config.
  • Agile Enterprise Architecture (EA) leverages the principles of SAFe® to use the most lightweight approach possible -- combining an ideal mix of staff, and integrated, automated tooling to help architect & design high-quality business and technology services, at the fastest sustainable rate. Delivered “as-a-service” (we fish for you), or “as-a-COE” (we teach you how to fish), with cloud tooling included.

Past Performance Examples

Developed Enterprise USAF Research Lab standards & agile, federated governance

Modeling / live dashboard analysis for over 100+ processes and 350 applications, identifying 37 unique capabilities – 24 custom and 89% redundancy.

Agility assessment, training and side-by-side mentoring resulted in 83% adoption of agility practices, and 69% increase in completion of planned work.

Applied standards to the USAF Labs Munitions Directorate for local outcomes

50+ prioritized on-premise infrastructure component security recommendations and 100+ research applications analyzed, with a cloud infrastructure migration roadmap.

Over 7500 hours of researcher time projected savings (over 3 years).

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