February 8, 2024

Application Portfolio Rationalization: Better, Secure UX & Lower Tech Debt

Organizations are constantly facing application challenges — redundant features, obsolescence, and rising maintenance costs contribute to accumulation of technical debt. To accelerate important business/mission outcomes, and provide better, more secure User Experiences (UX), organizations need higher-value application and technology investments – helping improve frictionless business and operations, reduce risk and cut technical debt.

LSA’s APR solution goes beyond typical application inventory and capability analysis – leveraging its UX analysis approach to to focus on capability needs of key users, and deliver realistic roadmaps that are aligned to relevant improvements in business maturity. For example, an organization trying to improve its agility practices will need incremental technology improvements to deliver sustainable outcomes, beyond what simply “buying new software” or “buying cloud services” can provide alone.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Improved User Experience, helping end users deliver faster value
  • Lower legacy application/technology maintenance costs, reducing overall technical debt
  • Reduced application complexity (e.g., interfaces between apps) helping application developers deliver faster, more stable features
  • Improved IT compliance, reducing the need for “Shadow IT”
  • Improved IT security risk posture, e.g., with modern zero-trust principled application architecture solutions