June 21, 2023

Modern Architecture: Scale Up

Lean Paper

“Automated testing is important, but are we confident we wrote the right tests to begin with?”

Digital Transformation can be a messy endeavor. Lack of relevant, timely design information can cause poor solution planning, resulting in poor testing and missed time-box commitments — even impacting post-release maintenance/operations costs. Such design blockers have always been a problem even with co-located teams — but this becomes even more chaotic in the COVID/post-COVID remote working era as teams strive to effectively execute and deliver value through better alignment, built-in quality, and transparency.

This white paper discusses problems (lean-agile design blockers) and impacts of poor, irrelevant, and/or overly-complex design information. It discusses a modern architecture approach: using a Solution Intent Repository (SIR) and SAFe® Agile Architecture practices — enabling cross-functional teams (business and IT) to use cross-functional designs, resulting in higher quality testing and delivering higher-value products and services.

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