March 20, 2024

LSA’s Approach for Digital IT Success 

The 2023 KPMG US Technology Survey Report uncovers a critical insight: Nearly half (47%) of all businesses are attempting to navigate their digital initiatives without the necessary governance and coordination. 

The Widespread Challenge 

Consider the implementation of ServiceNow — a powerful tool for transforming operations. But without a guiding strategy, proper planning, and focus on learning & adoption, organizations are encountering: 

  • Bottlenecks in Scaling: ServiceNow is built to scale, yet without proper governance, organizations can't fully harness its potential, leading to operational roadblocks. 
  • Underutilized Features: ServiceNow's suite of services can revolutionize workflows, but without effective user adoption strategies, you may be paying for licenses you don’t use or not getting the full value from the platform. 
  • Resistance to Change: Employees often resist new systems when they don’t understand how to use them or see their benefits. This can lead to low morale and a lack of buy-in for the new tool. 
  • Decreased Productivity: There's typically a learning curve with new platforms. If employees are not adequately trained, they may take longer to complete tasks, negatively impacting overall productivity. 
  • User Dissatisfaction: A ServiceNow deployment that fails to consider user needs can lead to dissatisfaction, hindering productivity and morale. 

Maximizing Value with LSA’s Comprehensive Digital IT Service 

At LSA, we recognize these challenges and offer comprehensive service offerings that address these challenges and more:  Digital IT Strategy Advisory; Digital IT Implementation / Oversight. Our Digital IT service offerings don’t just deploy ServiceNow; our approach ensures that technologies like ServiceNow are not just implemented but are integrated into the fabric of your organization with clear, effective governance and a strong emphasis on UX and user learning & adoption. 

 Here's how we ensure your technology investment delivers tangible benefits: 

  • Roadmap: We work with you to build your platform roadmap with your organization’s objectives and maturity top of mind, ensuring you’re implementing the right features at the right time. 
  • Planning: We build tailored plans to ensure the implementation is highly orchestrated, leading to a successful launch and sustainment. 
  • Design: We design ServiceNow with user experience at the forefront, boosting productivity and customer satisfaction. 
  • Process: We work with you to define the right amount of governance with a balance between reducing risk and maintaining throughput. 
  • Implementation: We implement ServiceNow through our flexible Agile delivery approach that’s iterative and highly collaborative. 
  • Learning & Adoption: Through tailored Organizational Change Management (OCM) and training, we help your Customers and the ServiceNow backend users to embrace the platform unlocking its full potential for your organization.