Lauresa Escribano

Mike and I worked together at KPMG with a goal of helping to improve a Salesforce transformation program, with a focus on improving agility through agile thinking using SAFe as the main framework. Mike led efforts to design and deliver an outcome-driven “Lean-Agile Center of Excellence”, with early efforts focused on delivering training to hundreds of people, including follow-up Agile Release Train (ART) launch advisory to various stakeholders. The thing that stood out most about Mike’s advisory was his ability to connect “classroom theory” with “real life” through examples and facilitation exercises. He has applied the same realistic mix of “agility” and “architecture”… two things that are rarely seen together and I especially like his latest whitepaper on the subject, “Cut the Digital Transformation Chaos with Modern Architecture: Scale Up and Shift Left!” Mike is someone I would trust to deliver results and can influence organizational change.