June 3, 2023

Employee Spotlight – Keith Mangold

Hi! My name is Keith Mangold. I am a Senior Advisor – Manager at Lean Scaled Architects.

I am a man who wears many hats. I try to be the go-to guy for wide range of things and I love that! From project management, to creating software applications, to putting together marketing materials and web site design, server and network administration, troubleshooting, staff management, launching solutions and getting things done, are just some of the basics.

My least favorite phrase is, “That’s the way we’ve always done it!” That “way” might work and be great, it might not. But, looking at it from a different view is key to ensuring we are doing it the best way. With my analytical thinking and my exposure to many sides of the business, I excel at finding the right solution.

Outside of work, I live in San Diego with my husband, Jeff. When at ground level, my side job is a Jazzercise instructor. Standing in front of people, helping them better themselves through exercise and making them smile brings so much joy to my life. Underwater, I love SCUBA diving and seeing parts of the world most people will never see. Above ground, my husband and I are currently working on our Private Pilot Certificates. We started flying during COVID and just a few weeks ago I did my first solo flight. Loved it! We also cycle, just recently completing a 3 week trip to the Baltic Sea countries riding all around.  And, annually we complete a 545-mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles on the AIDS/LifeCycle. And then your typical fan of the beach, wine, travel, sailing, napping, movies, theatre, and anything I can do to have fun with my friends and family!

Top Left: Seconds after my first solo landing.
Top Right: Touring Oslo, Norway
Bottom Left: My pup Chewbarka
Middle: Cycling in Latvia
Bottom Right: Diving in Australia

The Interview

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
    Initially I was interested in joining the Air Force and becoming a pilot but ended up with coke-bottle glasses so that didn’t work out. It then became anything to do with computers or becoming a veterinarian (love dogs!). Technology won!

  2. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for a living? (in case you have your own firm: what was the moment that prompted you to start your own brand?) I have been in software development since my professional career started. Throughout my jobs I have come into project management and people management in different organizations. Today I am a Sr. Advisor with Lean Scaled Architects, a consulting firm focused on agile practices, enterprise architecture and business process management.  My passion is finding the right technology for organizations and helping improve their processes through innovative and new ideas. It is not just playing with new gadgets and new technologies, but making it work for their needs; making a difference in the productivity of the company and allowing them to work smarter and more efficiently.

  3. In 3 words, describe your occupation or what do you enjoy most about your job? Never stop learning – When it comes to technology, it is always moving in 1,000,000 different directions. Every day something new is released; every day there is a new idea or way to solve a problem or make things better. Because of this, it requires non-stop reading, tinkering, exploring, sharing, getting your hands dirty and taking risks. With my job at LSA, this is exactly what I can continue doing; learning from experts in the field and showing what I can make happen.

  4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Do what is right, not what is easy. Feel it in your heart and work hard to make your body and soul agree. Follow what you believe in and know that not everyone is always going to agree.

  5. What are your main sources of inspiration? Are there any outlets you reference regularly? My parents; As two independent small business owners, I have seen them work hard to succeed and play hard to enjoy the benefits. Every day I am amazed by what they have accomplished, and they have done this by blood, sweat, tears, family, friends and just being good people.

  6. Where do you see yourself (and your brand if applicable) in 10 years time? I want to keep my options open. Comfort, security and a destination in a professional career is always nice. Where I am at today, I didn’t see myself 10 years ago. Will I be running my own company? Will I be part of a larger team? Will I be in veterinarian school? Will I be on a beach sipping margaritas at 10am?

  7. What’s the most treasured belonging/item in your own home? Chewbarka, my 3 year old Bernagoldendoddle. He brings non-stop joy and devotion, the unconditional love every time I walk in the door, the companionship everywhere I go. He’s my best nugget.

  8. What was the last rule you broke? As a side gig and way to force me to workout, I am a Jazzercise aerobics instructor. We have specific class formats and guidelines for how classes are to be structured. Today I didn’t follow those rules; I just had fun and made sure my customers were happy. 😊

  9. What’s one thing other people may not know about you (for example any hidden talents)? A newfound joy of mine is being part of the Make-A-Wish foundation as a Wish Granter. I’ve helped grant two wishes so far and have two others in the works. Seeing the joy on these kiddos faces is absolutely amazing! Not only does it help the Wish kid, but it also impacts the entire family in a positive way.

  10. You’ve got a week off, where are you going? Somewhere underwater. I love scuba diving and I have travelled around the world doing it. Ideally I would be flying my own plane to this remote place, but unfortunately Cessna 172’s usually can’t make it that far.

The LSA Digital Spotlight series is a casual and fun way for us here at LSA Digital to share a little professional background, some of our personal hobbies or passion projects, and interesting tidbits about our team.