Digital IT Implementation / Oversight

Enhance IT Service Delivery with Comprehensive Digital Solutions

LSA’s Digital IT services provide full-service IT platform architecture, design, configuration, and implementation (e.g., ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk). Our tool-agnostic approach ensures that your technology investments align with business objectives and enhance user experiences.


Our Approach and Outcomes

Full-Service Delivery

Digital IT is not just about technology; it’s a commitment to better IT service delivery.

Strategic User-First IT Planning

Focus on user experience, combining agile MVP development with customer needs.

Digital Agile Leadership & Oversight

Guide digital initiatives from inception to beyond launch with SAFe® for digital agility.

Design & Configuration

Employ proven UX strategies through interactive design workshops.

Our Capabilities and Solutions

  • Full-Service IT Platform Implementation

    Specialize in ServiceNow and Jira Platform Implementations aligned with business goals.

  • User-Centric IT Planning

    Focus on user experience and agile MVP development to meet customer needs.

  • Agile Digital Leadership

    Guide digital initiatives with SAFe® for continuous delivery and iterative project flow.

  • Interactive Design Workshops

    Employ proven UX strategies to create intuitive and scalable digital configurations.

  • Integrated Tooling and Automation

    Utilize tools for IT Service Management, Lean Portfolio Management, and Enterprise Architecture.

  • Training and Communication Plans

    Provide structured training and communication plans to ensure successful implementation and user adoption.

A large organization struggled with misaligned IT implementations, poor user experience, and inefficient project flow.


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