July 3, 2024

Data, data, data everywhere, and not a drop to decide…

Not so for LSA's Process Intelligence Analysts! 

We keep our eye on the ball – Digital Transformation outcomes should deliver better, more reliable business & IT services for employees, customers and partners.

… but it's easy to get lost in the digital sauce – so many technology options, training and developing people to use that technology, and processes to automate. But which ones shall we automate? Where are the bottlenecks? What does the data tell us?

A Process Intelligence Analyst helps diverse teams of digital experts answer those questions with data. Working alongside agile, UX and ITSM experts, they leverage state-of-the-art business process analysis (BPA) and data science tools to perform process mining and deliver AI insights.

… and these insights will help identify lean process improvements, across many “personas” and contexts – such as IT Service Management, DevOps pipeline, and business operations.

LSA Digital drives outcomes for our commercial and Federal/DoD customers. Contact us today to learn how we can help you turn your data into an asset that addresses your biggest pain points and enables your greatest value.