April 25, 2024

Combining UX with Agility-at-Scale

You’ve heard about Agile and read about UX, but it’s the rare discussion that includes both in any meaningful way. Here’s a real-world example of how UX can drive an Agile effort to improve the usability and effectiveness of security practices.

Discover how integrating User Experience (UX) with Agile practices revolutionizes security solutions, striking the perfect balance between robust security measures and user-friendly systems. This article delves into the essential equilibrium needed when enhancing digital security—ensuring it's both effective and intuitive. From embedding security within the Agile framework to fostering a culture of shared responsibility, learn how targeted UX interventions can lead to more secure and efficient outcomes. Dive into real-world insights on avoiding common security pitfalls, such as overly stringent protocols that lead to risky workarounds.

Our UX Director, Larry Marine, is a published author with a litany of market leading product successes for various types of clients including American Airlines, Vanguard Investments, Optum Health, and many more. He has 35 years of expertise to draw on and is a recognized thought leader throughout the UX community.

Larry is also a seasoned AI design professional. He has designed and guided the implementation of several AI projects for the Air Force. His Cognitive Science degree included AI and Neural Networking classes and projects. He earned certificates in AI from Stanford and MIT and guided UX research and design for the Air Force’s AI Accelerator at MIT for a year.