February 27, 2024

LSA UX Approach

For effective, sustainable delivery of any kind of service, from technical to mission/business, we must ask the fundamental question:  who are the services for? Not every problem can be solved simply by throwing technology at it. You must consider the human component, such as user cognitive and behavioral factors, to identify the right solution approach.  

Successful UX efforts rely on user-centered research to accurately define the problem from the users’ perspectives (understanding their “pain points”) and applies that research to design more effective solutions. This UX approach provides key benefits:

  • Cost optimization – Squeeze more benefit out of already-existing technology investments.
  • Better investments – alignment of new technology investments / improvements to user pain points.
  • Security optimization – Secure UX balances typical “security vs. usability” IT service conflicts with higher-quality usability data – e.g., making more informed security lockdown decisions, and/or prioritizing solution design requirements.
  • Faster solution option analysis – Model-Based Solution Engineering (MBSE) using enterprise modeling solutions (e.g., Software AG ARIS) to explore solution alternatives and avoid suggesting solutions that are infeasible or unrealistic.
  • Increased employee satisfaction, performance, and retention – Employees are users, too, and poor performing systems frustrate them, decreasing motivation and impacting performance.

On the other hand, ineffective or non-existent UX efforts can lead to applying the wrong technology (or, applying the right technology incorrectly).

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