January 24, 2024

Rescue your Digital Transformation

According to a KPMG survey of 400 US tech executives (2023), 51% have not seen increased performance or profitability from digital transformation investments.

Existing Digital efforts can be off-track for many reasons, but it typically comes down to a mismatch between expectations (what was sold) and what’s been delivered. The most frequent causes for this mismatch include:

  • Too-heavy (non-agile) approach to “building too much” without delivering fast results
  • Goal / objective misalignment and/or mis-prioritization with work “on the ground” (including “who” and “which pain points” will be helped)
  • Miscommunication / uncertainty about progress towards reaching our goals, and how money spent/work done has helped us get there. Communication problems are typical, either internally or with external consultants.

Learn how LSA leverages tight integration between its services — Digital IT/Service Management (ITSM)Agile Enterprise Architecture, and Agility-at-Scale/Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) – to help get existing Digital efforts get back on track.