March 4, 2024

Agile Risk Management and Compliance Solutions

In Digital Transformations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other “hot technologies” may get the headlines – but those in the “hot seat” need to effectively manage risk of new (or existing) Digital solutions.  Security is the typical example, but policies are needed to govern the risk related to finance, safety, data privacy and other domains (based on the organization’s area of operations).

LSA uses an agile GRC approach to focus on the highest priority compliance assurance, soonest. This is done with a mix of agile approach and effective Digital tooling, to quantify risk, and invest time in the most effective control design and system implementation to reduce risk and stay compliant.

LSA uses key Integrated Tooling for Fast, Relevant Insights, Web Collaboration & Prioritization – such as Software AG ARIS / Alfabet and ServiceNow – as well as key framework accelerators for “ready to go” process and controls content, such as NIST, COBIT5, BPMN and ITIL.

Key benefits include:

  • Highest-importance compliance outcomes first
  • A UX-balanced approach to risk vs benefit analysis (e.g., security vs. usability)
  • Rapid event-driven compliance service (e.g., security breach)
  • One-stop shopping for compliance improvement
  • Comprehensive visibility into your organization's risk landscape
  • Harness the power of data to proactively identify and manage risks

Key case studies include:

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