February 1, 2024

Prioritize and Optimize with Agile Business Process Improvement

Everything can’t be a priority – LSA’s Agile Business Process Improvement (ABPI) service helps to define, prioritize, document, analyze and optimize business architecture (with processes taking ‘center stage’).  

Every organization has to design processes, but Agile BPI provides additional benefits: more flexibility, better prioritization, better User Experience (UX) alignment, for two purposes…

    1. …to create Digital Transformation outcomes

    1. …to sustain Business As Usual (BAU) value beyond the “big Digital Transformation”

Key benefits include:

    • Digital Transformation acceleration & User Experience enhancement  dashboard-ready, customized process modeling, simulation & analysis (MS&A) insights to prioritize improvement efforts

    • Better, faster solution designs – Process repository integration with IT solution planning systems

    • Lower risk & improved compliance – Process repository integration with GRC systems

    • Automated process generation – Process mining – “reverse-generating” process design from live running systems

    • Automated self-service web portal – Leadership-transparent, UX-based process prioritization is an LSA Agile BPI accelerator – because even with EA/Business Process automation tools, developing business processes can be time-consuming, LSA Agile BPI helps answer: “where does it hurt most?” and “which processes should be optimized first?”

LSA Agile BPI uses industry-leading technology, an experienced staff of Digital Transformation practitioners and hundreds of accelerator assets to deliver holistic, sustainable digital transformation value.