January 30, 2024

Agile Investment Planning with Lean Portfolio Management

Everybody “demands” something, but there are never enough investment funds to go around. In addition, investment priorities change, driven by current business/operational “ground conditions”, and IT investments frequently don’t keep up with business needs.

LSA advises a right-sized approach to Lean Portfolio planning, aligned to IT Service Management and Enterprise Architecture and enabled with integrated tooling services and training/side-by-side mentoring, delivering key benefits:

    • IT-Demand Integrated – Realistic, rapid outcomes to “cover the basics” – e.g., a right-sized “getting started” approach that delivers “agile basics”, combined with key elements of typical IT demand management planning

    • Adaptable to Change – Prioritization of highest-value investments based on today’s ground conditions, instead of relying on a yearly budget cycle “crystal ball” approach

    • IT-Architecture Aligned – IT architecture & design alignment with chunked business priorities using an LSA-innovative “Lean, scaled IT capability chunking” approach

    • Value Stream Alignment for People/Customers – A User Experience (UX) centric approach that helps clarify the value streams, based on the needs/pain points of end users / customers, not individual departments (i.e., “participatory budgeting”)

    • Leadership Transparency – Enhanced leadership transparency with dashboard-level visibility into Objective and Key Results using LSA’s Agile Enterprise Architecture GQM approach
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